How do you hire the right programmers?

Programming jobs are one of those jobs that you can get easily based on your technical skills. As a startup, you could be careful while choosing programmers. Look at the factors and by following these tips, hire your programmer.

  1. Learning Skills: The programmer should be a quick learner, as to update himself with the latest technologies.
  2. Proper Communication: The coder must be a good communicator to explain to you things clearly.
  3. Fast Thinker: The developer might be a fast thinker so that he/she can solve the bugs or queries effectively.
  4. Punctuality: The developers want to deliver the project application at the appropriate time.
  5. Passion: Without interest, the work will be uncompleted. To do a successful task, the programmers should keen interest in doing the task.

After finding these things, hire your developers to develop your business.

Here are some more technical ideas how to hire the right programmers?

Do they have the programming skills you really need?

Knowing what you really need is half the battle. Before you even start to look at the list of computer programmers to hire, sit down with your IT manager and lay out the list of skills they require — and be sure you understand where you can be flexible and where you need to be rigid. Here are some examples:
  • Be specific about SQL. There are several types of SQL databases, such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. If your programmer won’t be building databases from scratch or you have database administrators on staff to help developers with SQL, do you need a candidate with substantial experience using your particular database system? Or would experience with a different but similar database be sufficient if the work itself was comparable? On the other hand, will you need to hire a programmer to work with more modern databases like NoSQL?
  • Understand the differences between CRM systems. Major enterprise systems like customer relationship management (CRM) software can have major differences. An expert with Salesforce may not necessarily have skills that easily transfer to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project.
  • Don’t get hung up on versions. On the other hand, don’t dismiss a potential good hire just because they must overcome a minor skills gap to work with different versions of a programming language, library or system. For example, if your programmer candidate has experience in version 6.0 of a product that’s now at version 7.0, they should be able to learn the differences quickly.
Also have a senior member of your IT staff interview the programmers so they can give you their assessment of each applicant.

Can they actually able to work?

It’s an obvious step, perhaps, but an essential one. When looking at potential computer programmers for hire, you have to confirm they can back up the technical skills listed on their resume. This means asking specific questions in the interview or giving them a short programming test — which should be evaluated by someone with coding experience.

 Give them an audition project.

So the candidate breezed through the hello world programming tests, has an amazing portfolio, is an excellent cultural fit, and also passed the phone screen with flying colors. Time to get them in for a face-to-face interview, right? Not so fast there cowboy!

I’ve seen candidates nail all of the above, join the company, and utterly fail to Get Things Done. Have I mentioned that hiring programmers is hard?

If you want to determine beyond the shadow of a doubt if someone’s going to be a great hire, give them an audition project. I’m not talking about a generic, abstract programming problem, I’m talking about a real world, honest-to-God unit of work that you need done right now today on your actual product. Something you would give to a current employee, if they weren’t all busy, y’know, doing other stuff.

This should be a regular consulting gig with an hourly rate, and a clearly defined project mission statement. Select a small project that can ideally be done in a few days, maybe at most a week or two. Either the candidate can come in to the office, or they can work remotely. I know not every business has these bite-sized units of work that they can slice off for someone outside the company – but trying desperately to make it inside the company – to take on. I’d argue that if you can’t think of any way to make an audition mini-project work for a strong hiring candidate, perhaps you’re not structuring the work properly for your existing employees, either.

If the audition project is a success, fantastic – you now have a highly qualified candidate that can provably Get Things Done, and you’ve accomplished something that needed doing. To date, I have never seen a candidate who passes the audition project fail to work out. I weigh performance on the audition project heavily; it’s as close as you can get to actually working the job without being hired. And if the audition project doesn’t work out, well, consider the cost of this little consulting gig a cheap exit fee compared to an extensive interview process with 4 or 5 other people at your company. Worst case, you can pass off the audition project to the next strong candidate.

(A probationary period of conditional employment can also work, and is conceptually quite similar. You could hire with a 6-8 week review “go or no go” decision everyone agrees to in advance.)

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